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I delight in sharing my art talent, creating beautiful glass art with you. I have over 40 years of experience to share. I began working in traditional stained glass window panels: John La Farge, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Frank Lloyd Wright style. I loved the Arts & Crafts style. I specialize in teaching contemporary mosaics today. I offer workshops at pARTiculars Art Gallery in Lafayette, Colorado. Thank you for your interest in my work and continuing to explore your own creative talents. Subscribe Here

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Description: Come learn how to mosaic ages 12 and above. A great class if you want to explore working with glass, stones, beads, marbles, tiles, and more.  A focus on color, texture, line, are introduced. Students will learn how to prepare the project and design it. Students will be guided through the process to complete the project by demonstration and hands on application.


We will be using glues and working with sharp objects. All materials are included but students are encouraged to bring specialty focal point items they would like to include. Found objects, recycled objects, beads, jewelry can all be introduced. It is suggested students prepare a cartoon design for your artwork before class. A picture or a doodle about 8 x 8. You may also bring copies of work you admire or want to aspire to learn.


There is a $25 material fee  collected at the first session. There are 2 sessions. Session 1 is 4 hours, grouting session is 2 hours. 

Class: $68 Payable in advance.

Material Fee: $25

*** Additional fee for a hand held glass wheeled nipper designed for mosaic work and necessary for this class. Other tools to consider purchasing and bringing to class are a glass cutter, and metal tweezers. 

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